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What happened?

So the show much go on. Mountain Bike – 2 hours Strength – Power WorkMinimal rest in between sets. 8-6-4 RepetitionBarbells Cleans (all the way from…

Valentine Rawat June 26, 2009

Be Inspired - Derek Redmond

Be Inspired… Derek Redmond and his father. Here is to all the fathers out there for supporting their sons and daughter. I thank my father for all his support…

Valentine Rawat June 23, 2009


RAWFIT CIRCUIT 2 10 minutes of Dynamic warm-up Work Total of 5 minutes – Circuit to be completed in 1 minute or less and rest for the remaining time. Press-upBurpees…

Valentine Rawat June 22, 2009


It was a great turn out for the relaunch of the RAWFIT CIRCUIT. Here is what it consisted of: 10 minutes Dynamic warmups Main work 4 rounds 30 seconds work 1 minute…

Valentine Rawat June 16, 2009
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