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Ordering Xanax, Order Xanax Cheap Online

Strength Work Wednesday 29th

Workout:3 rounds15 x Jumping Split Squats +25 x Steps ups +25 x Box Jumps rest 1 minute Then 3 rounds 15 reps Push-ups Incline + Push-ups Diamond + Push-up Wide…

Valentine Rawat July 29, 2009

Tuesday Strength Plan

Workout: 2×10 Deadlift @ 50kg 2×5 Deadlift @ 70kg2×5 Snatch Grip Deadlift @ 70kg Then: 3×3 @ 100kg 5×2 @ 110kg4×1 @ 120kg Then: Front…

Valentine Rawat July 28, 2009

Dumbbells Complex 666

Dumbbells Complex 666 6 rounds – 6 reps – 6 exercises 1.Dead Lift to High Pulls +2.Hang Cleans +3.Front Squat to Push Press +4.Overhead Squats +5.Push-up…

Valentine Rawat July 23, 2009


Today War with Weights: 3 rounds of:3 x Tyre Pulls (length of the rope) + 10 x Double KB Cleans + 10 x Double KB Push Press + 10 x Double KB Front Squat + 10 x Single…

Valentine Rawat July 22, 2009


Dynamic Warm up Then Main Workout: 10x Hi-Pull 16kg KB Left + 10x Hi-Pull 16kg KB Right + 2:00 Sprint 50 and Jog 50 + 1:00 Plank 1:00 Rest + 10x Press 16kg KB Left…

Valentine Rawat July 15, 2009
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