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Xanax Bars Paypal - How To Buy Xanax From Canada

Monday 28-12-09

Monday 28-12-09 Warm-up Then: 5×10 Pull-ups Then: 10x Barbell Overhead Squats Light + 20x Kettlebell Snatch each arm 3 rounds Then: Cool down and Stretch

Valentine Rawat December 29, 2009

Saturday 26-12-09

Saturday 26-12-09 Boxing Day Warm-up Then: 5000 meter Row for time… Then: Cool down and Stretch

Valentine Rawat December 28, 2009

Friday Christmas 25-12-09

Friday 25-12-09 Christmas Day Warm-up Gentle Row Then: Main workout 500 meter row under 1:50/500mtr + 20x Dumbbell Thrusters 14kg 3 rounds Then: Cool down and S…

Valentine Rawat December 28, 2009

Thursday Christmas Eve Workout

Thursday Christmas Eve Workout Okay it is Christmas Eve but that should not stop you from training. It is snowy here in Leeds, so we are in for a great white Christmas.…

Valentine Rawat December 24, 2009

Wednesday 23-12-09

Wednesday 23-12-09 Kettlebell work… Warm-up with: Mobility work + 2 minutes KB Swing L + 2 minutes KB Swing R Then: 5 minutes 24kg KB Snatch R 5 minutes 24kg…

Valentine Rawat December 23, 2009
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