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Saturday 30-1-2010

Saturday 30-1-2010 Kettbells Complex Mobility warm up Then: 30x Kettlebell Swings Then: 5 minutes Kettlebell Jerks 2x24kg Then: 5 sets x 5 reps Renegade Row –…

Valentine Rawat January 30, 2010

Friday 29-1-2010

Friday 29-1-2010 YOGA — Breathing, Mobility and Suppleness training I believe that Yoga is essential in our daily training and should really focus on our BREATH,…

Valentine Rawat January 30, 2010

Thursday 28-1-2010

Thursday 28-1-2010 Strength Training Dynamic Warm Then: Barbell Squats 5×5 Floor Press 5×5 Deadlift 5×1 Neutral Grip Pull-ups 5x Failure Hanging L…

Valentine Rawat January 30, 2010

Wednesday Heart & Lung 27-1-2010

Heart & Lung Training Dynamic Mobility Warmup Then: 50x Kettlebell Swing Then: 10x Flip tyre + 20x Hammer work each side + 30x Medicine Ball Slam 3 rounds –…

Valentine Rawat January 27, 2010

Tuesday Barbell Complex 26-1-2010

Tuesday 26-1-2010 Barbell Complex Warmup Then: Power Cleans Military Press Front Squat 1 set 8 reps of each Rest for 1 minute 2 set 6 reps of each Rest for 1 minute…

Valentine Rawat January 27, 2010
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