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April 2010

Kettlebell Combo Friday 30-4-2010

Friday 30-4-2010 Dynamic Mobility Warm up Then: Kettlebell Combo Clean & Jerk + Overhead Squat + Windmill + Snatch (equals 1 rep) 24kg, 1 minute per arm for…

Valentine Rawat April 30, 2010

Johann Martin 50 years of Struggle with Iron

I came across this video below a week or so ago. It is incredible. The title of the video translate to “50 years of Struggle with Iron”. Well said I…

Valentine Rawat April 30, 2010

Combat Conditioning Wednesday 28-4-2010

Wednesday 28-4-2010 Combat Conditioning Morning Session: Mobility Warm-up Then: 20x Tyre Flips 20x Tyre Deadlifts 20x Hammer Slams Left 20x Hammer Slams Right 20x…

Valentine Rawat April 28, 2010

Strength Endurance Tuesday 27-4-2010

Tuesday 27-4-2010 Strength Endurance Morning session Warm-up Then: 10 mile bike ride Then: 3×20 Hanging Windshield wipers 5×5 Clap Pull-ups 3×10 Lever…

Valentine Rawat April 28, 2010

Metabolic Conditioning Monday 26-4-2010

Monday 26-4-2010 Metabolic Conditioning – Maximum fat burn Morning Session: Dynamic Warm-up Then: 10x Hill Sprints Then: 10 minute 24kg Kettlebell Snatch Aim…

Valentine Rawat April 26, 2010

Kettlebell Clean & Press Sunday 25-4-2010

Sunday 25-4-2010 The sunday started with rain and at 12pm the sun came out. So a quick workout is in order. Warm-up Then: 10 minutes of total work. Single arm –…

Valentine Rawat April 25, 2010

There is Hope Saturday 24-4-2010

Saturday 24-4-2010 It is the hottest day of the year so far so I figure why not spend some time in the sun with my family. A friend of mine sent me this video and…

Valentine Rawat April 24, 2010

Barbell Strength & Power Program Friday 23-4-2010

Friday 23-4-2010 Barbell Strength & Power Program Dynamic Warm up Then: 5x 3 reps of Hang Snatch @moderate heavy weight 5x 2 reps of Hang Snatch @moderate heavy…

Valentine Rawat April 23, 2010

Attitude, Will & Consistency Thursday 22-4-2010

Thursday 22-4-2010 Today  is a rest for me, no clients and so decided to put down a few words as I have been criticised about the toughness of our training methods.…

Valentine Rawat April 23, 2010

Kettlebells HIIT Wednesday 21-4-2010

Wednesday 21-4-2010 Kettlebells HIIT Dynamic Warm-up Then: 6 sets x 60 seconds work and 30 seconds rest of: KB Swings KB Press/Push Press KB Overhead Squats KB Snatch…

Valentine Rawat April 21, 2010

Strengthen Your Back Tuesday 20-4-2010

Tuesday 20-4-2010 Strength Dynamic warm up Then: 5×5 Deadlift 5×10 Pull up 5×10 Bulgarian Split Deadlift 3×60 seconds Hanging L-Holds Then: Cool…

Valentine Rawat April 21, 2010

RAWFIT Tabata Monday 19-4-2010

Monday 19-4-2010 Tabata Dynamic Warm-up Then: Tabata Protocol all the want. 4 minutes per exercise, 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest. Enough said lets get on…

Valentine Rawat April 19, 2010

What Davie Did Sunday 18-4-2010

What Davie Did. Davie Easton is a highland Crossfit fanatic. In the video below he show us how to make a fat bar. To know what Davie does next follow his journey…

Valentine Rawat April 18, 2010

Hill Sprints Saturday 17-4-2010

Saturday 17-4-2010 Hill Sprints Find a hill. Create a distance. And go for it. Dynamic Warm-up Then: 5x Burpees + 10x meter Bear Crawl + Hill Sprint Repeat 10 times…

Valentine Rawat April 17, 2010

Kettlebell Tabata Friday 16-4-2010

Friday 16-4-2010 Kettlebell Tabata Dynamic Warm up Then: Tabata Protocol 1. Double KB Swing 24kg 2. Double KB Jerks 24kg 3. Double KB Squat 24kg 4. KB Getup 24kg…

Valentine Rawat April 16, 2010

Heart and Lung Training Thursday 15-4-2010

Thursday 15-3-2010 Heart and Lung Training (or in the conventional fitness world this is called CARDIO!) HIIT it HARD Dynamic Warm-up Then: 30 seconds per exercise…

Valentine Rawat April 16, 2010
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