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Body Weight Metabolic Conditioning Workout Monday 30-8-2010

Bodyweight Metabolic Conditioning Session 1: Dynamic Mobility Warm -up Then: Forward Lunges + Backward Lunges + Lateral Lunges + Pistols + Plank Hold (active rest)…

Valentine Rawat August 31, 2010

Fear not!

“Fear can only exist in relationship; fear cannot exist by itself, in isolation. There is no such thing as abstract fear; there is fear of the known or the…

Valentine Rawat August 30, 2010

Strength Day Saturday 28-8-2010

Its not the STRENGTH but DESIRE which moves us… Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: Indian Clubbell 25x Swings to Squat + 25x Single Arm Swinging Shield Cast Complete…

Valentine Rawat August 28, 2010

Crazy Friday 27-8-2010

Dynamic Warm-up Then: Tabata Sprints 8 rounds – 20 seconds – 10 seconds rest. Then: 10x Ring Pull-up + 60 seconds Rope Alternate Undulation 5 rounds…

Valentine Rawat August 28, 2010

Complex Training Thursday 26-8-2010

“Somewhere along the line people have been fooled into believing that life is supposed to be easy. I often work 12+ hour days, and there are weeks when I work…

Valentine Rawat August 26, 2010

Metabolic Conditioning Wednesday 25-8-2010

Kettlebell Metcon Workout Dynamic Warm-up Then: Kettlebell work 10x Single arm Swing Left + 10x Cleans Left + 10x Military Press Left + 10x Overhead Split Squat…

Valentine Rawat August 25, 2010

Sun Tzu Art of War Part 7

MANEUVERING 1. Sun Tzu said: In war, the general receives his commands from the sovereign. 2. Having collected an army and concentrated his forces, he must blend…

Valentine Rawat August 24, 2010

Kettlebell & Body Weight Complex Tuesday 24-8-2010

“If your body impersonates an attitude long enough, then the mind begins to adopt it.” H.A. Dorfman Kettlebell Complex – If you are short of time…

Valentine Rawat August 24, 2010

Metcon Monday 23-8-2010

Dynamic Warm-up Then: KB Swings + KB Squats + KB OH Press + Ab-wheel roll out + Press ups + Resistance Band Bent Over Row 4 rounds 45 seconds 15 seconds rest Then:…

Valentine Rawat August 23, 2010

Interval Weight Training Sunday 22-8-2010

Interval Weight Training Session Dynamic Warm-up Then: 5x BB Hang Cleans + 5x Push Press 70% max + 2 minutes Sprint 15 seconds + Run 15 seconds (15sec Hard/15sec…

Valentine Rawat August 22, 2010

Winning is in the Mind

Winning is a mental thing as much as a physical one. I myself have experienced it where I have gone into a competition with no hunger or desire to win and guess…

Valentine Rawat August 22, 2010

Glen Nevis Friday 20-8-2010

Reached the summit of Glen Nevis (Ben Nevis). It was tougher than what we thought as a team. The journey started with a little apprehension as we were given the…

Valentine Rawat August 21, 2010

Power Session Thursday 19-8-2010

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 3×60 seconds Tyre Flips Then: 10×1 Deadlifts (working up to your heavy max) Then: 5×5 80% max Deadlifts Rest 2-3 minutes between…

Valentine Rawat August 21, 2010

MetCon Workout Wednesday 18-8-2010

Be open, sensitive, be fully aware of what is from moment to moment. Don’t build around yourself a wall of impregnable thought. The bliss of truth comes when…

Valentine Rawat August 18, 2010

Strength and Power Tuesday 17-8-2010

“Functional strength training involves performing work against resistance in such a manner that the improvements in strength directly enhance the performance of…

Valentine Rawat August 17, 2010

Explosion Metabolic Conditioning Workout Monday 16-8-2010

High Intensity Interval Training – This is a training that you can increase or decrease your intensity depending on your current fitness levels. Remember not…

Valentine Rawat August 16, 2010
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