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Stretching - The Worst Thing You Can Do For Flexibility

One of the most common complaints that most people have about their bodies, especially as they get older, is the issue of flexibility. Flexibility is a term that…

Valentine Rawat October 31, 2010

Indian Clubbells Strength & Mobility Saturday 30th October 2010

Clubbells also know as Indian Clubbells, are a relatively new in the fitness industry. It hasn’t caught on as well as Kettlebells yet. Indian wrestlers have…

Valentine Rawat October 30, 2010

Underground Caveman Training Friday 29th October 2010

When the world says, “Give up,” Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.” Dynamic Warm up Then: Press-ups Pull-ups One Leg Squat Chin-ups Ring…

Valentine Rawat October 30, 2010

Strength Day Thursday 28th October 2010

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 15x Hill Sprints (Steps at HILL 60 Roundhay Park Leeds) (Followed by a jog to my backyard HOBO gym) Then: Work up to Heavy Front Squat Then:…

Valentine Rawat October 29, 2010

Kettlebell Tabata Mash-Up Wednesday 28th October 2010

There is not “I” in a TEAM. But there is an “I” in Intensity. Now lets work. Dynamic Warm-up Then: Team Work Kettlebell Long Cycle work mixed…

Valentine Rawat October 28, 2010

Backyard Strength Training Tuesday 26th October 2010

This is my backyard training. It matters what you do, not where you got it from, it matters only that you do it and make it your own. Dynamic Warm-up Then: 3 rounds…

Valentine Rawat October 26, 2010

Push Pull MetCon Session Monday 25th October 2010

“It is not about daily increase, but daily decrease. Hack away unessential.” Bruce Lee. Dynamic Warm-up Then: Push/Press 30x Medicine Ball Press-ups (15 with…

Valentine Rawat October 26, 2010

Play Your Strengths

Everyone who has ever lived has had weaknesses. Even great historical figures had flaws that killed them in the end. But while they lived they inspired hope, created…

Valentine Rawat October 25, 2010

Squats Saturday 23rd October 2010

“Very few movements require the same degree of dedication, desire and determination as heavy squats. Squats are more than a physical strength builder and may be…

Valentine Rawat October 25, 2010

Ultimate Extreme Conditioning Friday 22nd October 2010

He was a man of flesh and blood. He wasn’t made of rock. Angel, devil, child, – man of ordinary stock. But somehow he was different – true athletes…

Valentine Rawat October 22, 2010

Mobility Training May Be the Most Important Factor in Musculoskeletal Health

My focus today was on JOINT MOBILITY. From all the kettlebell, barbell lifting and even bodyweight exercises our joints take serious battering. It real important…

Valentine Rawat October 21, 2010

Kettlebell Complex Wednesday 20th October 2010

***”One interesting attribute that individuals such as Pablo Picasso, Rudolf Nureyev and Mahatma Gandhi exhibit is entelechy. Entelechy comes from a Greek…

Valentine Rawat October 21, 2010

Strength Day Tuesday 19th October 2010

Turn “I CAN’T” into “I WILL” into “I JUST HAVE” Workout: 5×5 Deadlifts Work up-to heavy Deadlift Then: 666 Barbell Complex…

Valentine Rawat October 19, 2010

Body-Weight Workout Monday 18th October

No barbells, No kettlebells, what are you to do? Well you have the best and the most expensive equipment in the work YOU. — Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: 60 seconds…

Valentine Rawat October 19, 2010

Give This Life Your Best Shot - Dream Big, Take Risks, Enjoy the Ride

Give This Life Your Best Shot – Dream Big, Take Risks, Enjoy the Ride by James M Hussey You’ve got one swing at home plate. Bases are loaded, 2 strikes,…

Valentine Rawat October 17, 2010

Power Session Saturday 16th October

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 15 minutes Skipping Then: 5×5 BB Cleans at 50% your own body weight 1 rep working upto your heaviest Clean Then: 1x Clean 5x Press or…

Valentine Rawat October 17, 2010
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