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True Mettle Workout

“When life knocks you down you have two choices – stay down or get up.” Tom Krause Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: 60secs Plank into Press-ups +…

Valentine Rawat January 31, 2011

Steve Cotter Overhead Squat Mobility

Overhead Squat Mobility – Clip 1 Overhead Squat Mobility – Clip 2: Shoulder Mobility in action – Steve Demonstrates the “Spinning Sots Press”…

Valentine Rawat January 30, 2011

Power Endurance

For the total development of the human being, solitude as a means of cultivating sensitivity becomes a necessity. One has to know what it means to be alone, what…

Valentine Rawat January 29, 2011

Friday Chaos Heart & Lung Training

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 1 mile Run Then: 1x Stair Sprints + 10x Burpees + 2x Stair Sprints + 8x Burpees + 3x Stair Sprints + 6x Burpees + 4x Stair Sprints + 2x Burpees…

Valentine Rawat January 28, 2011

Strength Ladder

Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: 3×20 Barbell Good Mornings (light) Then: Deadlifts Ladders 10x 40kg 9x 60kg 8x 80kg 7x 100kg 6x 120kg 5x 130kg 4x 140kg 3x 150kg…

Valentine Rawat January 27, 2011

Group Death Session

As a wise man once said “its 90% hard work, 5% talent and 5% luck” Mobility Work + Dynamic Warm-up Then: 30secs Jumping Jacks + 30secs Burps + 30secs…

Valentine Rawat January 26, 2011


I believe that I was lucky to have suffered. Some people don’t realize that in suffering there is great potential, because if you are deprived for any reason..…

Valentine Rawat January 25, 2011

Manic Monday's

Dynamic Warm-up Then: Quad Press + Basic Spinal Rock + Table Top + Plank Push Knee 4 rounds 60 seconds per exercise. 60 seconds rest in between rounds. Then: Quad…

Valentine Rawat January 25, 2011

Empty Your Cup

The Japanese master Nan-in gave audience to a professor of philosophy. Serving tea, Nan-in filled his visitor’s cup, and kept pouring. The professor watched…

Valentine Rawat January 23, 2011

Training is Meditation!

What is Meditation? Mind without agitation is meditation. Mind in the present moment is meditation. Mind that has no hesitation, no anticipation is meditation. Mind…

Valentine Rawat January 21, 2011

Strength + Plyometrics

“I can adapt and still perform well. I can perform well with a brief warm-up or even a poor warm-up, whether we are up or down, on target or slightly off target.…

Valentine Rawat January 20, 2011

Wednesday Sweatbox Session

Personal excellence is possible only if you have a dream and a plan and if you persist in the face of all obstacles. Dynamic Warm-up Then: Group 1 Rope Undulation…

Valentine Rawat January 19, 2011

Power + Strength + Thai Boxing

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 5×5 Power Cleans 3×2 Power Cleans (Increase weight with each set. Working up to to near Max) 5×5 Military Press 3×5 Push…

Valentine Rawat January 18, 2011

Monday Metcon - Tabata

RESULTS from the workout below Oxygen Uptake – improved Athletic Performance – improved Insulin Sensitivity – improved Resting Fat Oxidation – improved Systolic…

Valentine Rawat January 18, 2011


Kushti is a form of combat traditional Indian wrestling. Most countries have a traditional style of wrestling. In India, Kushti takes place in a clay or dirt pit.…

Valentine Rawat January 16, 2011

Saturday Strength Session

: It requires a controlled cruelty. Bruce Lee Dynamic Warm-up Then: 5×5 Back Squat 5×5 Push Press 1×5 Deadlift 3xFailure Pull-up 3x3minutes…

Valentine Rawat January 15, 2011
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