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Buy Xanax Argentina, Fake Xanax Bars Online

Bodyweight Circuit Training

Be your own gym. No equipment no excuses. This is a sure fire way to get into a shape if you are out of shape. For elite athletes this is nice finisher at the end…

Valentine Rawat February 28, 2011

Optimum Performance Through Nutrition

Many athletes at all levels of performance from club through to elite are striving to achieve optimum performance through nutrition as well as their training programmes.…

Valentine Rawat February 27, 2011


1 1/2 hours of Yoga practice The days when yoga was regarded as “a practice for women, wimps or spiritual escapists” may be ending. While most athletes look…

Valentine Rawat February 26, 2011

Friday Pandemonium

Warm-up with light paced Jog Followed by: 10x Hill Sprints Followed by: 5x Hill Bear Crawls (from the half way point of the sprints) Followed by: 18x Steps Sprints…

Valentine Rawat February 25, 2011

DIY Strength Training

Dynamic Warm-up Mobility Work Pranam Yoga Then: 5×5 Pistols (1 on each leg) – Burpees – Pull-ups Cobmo Then: 5×3 Heavy Single Leg Dead-lift…

Valentine Rawat February 24, 2011
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