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I Want to be a Champion

There is no IF, BUTS OR MAYBES.

Valentine Rawat April 24, 2011

Be Inspired by Stephen Murray

Stephen now lives a different reality, but see’s it as a platform to help others. Stay Strong Foundation

Valentine Rawat April 17, 2011

Sandbag Strength Training

Dynamic Warm-up Then: Heavy Sandbag Complex Cleans to Left Shoulder + Squat + Cleans to Right Shoulder + Squat + Cleans to Rack Position + Squat Thats 1 rep. Complete…

Valentine Rawat April 16, 2011

Combat Training

HARD WORK ALWAYS PAYS OFF. Warm-up 10 minutes of Skipping Dynamic Stretching Then: 30 seconds Sit-ups + 30 seconds Press-ups + 30 seconds Deck Squats + 30 seconds…

Valentine Rawat April 15, 2011

Underground Bodyweight Strength Workout

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 15 minutes Skipping Then: 50x Pull-ups 50x Rings Dips 50x Hanging Leg Raises break 90 degrees 50x Box Jumps 50x Jump Overs (with hands on the…

Valentine Rawat April 14, 2011

Group Outdoor Training - Roundhay Park

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 10x Squats (start point)+ 1x Hill Sprint (incline approx. 45 degrees, distance approx. 100m) + 10x Hindu Push-ups (at the top) 10 rounds Rest…

Valentine Rawat April 13, 2011

Rest Day - Reminder

My message to all that want to train at RAWFIT: Hard work cannot be avoided! Training is a way of life. It should not be made a chore. And while in the moment, live…

Valentine Rawat April 12, 2011

Group MetCon Workout

“Research conducted by Stanford psychology professor, Carol Dweck has shown that most people have one of two types of “MINDSET”: FIXED MINDSET or GROWTH…

Valentine Rawat April 11, 2011

Meditation in Movement

I sat down still this morning with the incense burning, sunshine filled all the space around me and as I tried to meditate, my mind full of thoughts. I found it…

Valentine Rawat April 10, 2011

Lets Clean for Power

Everything starts with a choice. You are free to make them. Dynamic Warm-up Followed by the workout: Work up to you heavy Cleans Then: 3×3 Cleans 70% of your…

Valentine Rawat April 9, 2011

Friday's High Octane

“Fit people produce much more glycerol after a workout than someone who is not in as good of shape. Glycerol levels are an indicator of fat breakdown. Fit…

Valentine Rawat April 8, 2011


Dynamic Warm-up Followed by: Work up to OHS 1rep Max Then: 5×3 OHS at 80% Max Then: 8×3 Accelerating Koji Front Squats Rest 1 minute between sets Then:…

Valentine Rawat April 7, 2011

Group Kettlebells Jump Rope Workout

Without a struggle, there can be no progress. Frederick Douglass Dynamic Warm-up Then: Partner 1: 2 handed Swing + 1 handed Swing Left + 1 handed Swing Right + Hand…

Valentine Rawat April 6, 2011

Solo Deck of Cards

Go Heavy Go Home       Deck of Cards Cruel Cruel Way to Punish your Body. Require a minimum of 2 deck of playing cards. Separate the Aces, Kings,…

Valentine Rawat April 5, 2011

High Intensity Group Training

Dynamic Warm-up Followed by: 10x Burpees 20x Box/Bench Jumps 30x Press-ups 40x Single Leg Squats 50x KB Swings 5 rounds minimal rest Then: 5×5 minutes Pad or…

Valentine Rawat April 4, 2011

The Wisdom of Wooden

When a wise mans speaks, I listen. “7 Point Creed” 1. Be True to Yourself 2. Help Others 3. Make Each Day Your Masterpiece 4. Drink deeply from Good…

Valentine Rawat April 3, 2011
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