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Upper Body Strength & Sprint Session

“The more I talk to athletes, the more convinced I become that the method of training is relatively unimportant. There are many ways to the top, and the training…

Valentine Rawat June 30, 2011

Group Circuit Training

A recent paper was published examining two types of training structure: Alcaraz et al. Similarity in Adaptations to High-Resistance Circuit vs. Traditional Strength…

Valentine Rawat June 29, 2011

Sandbag Lower DE Session

It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen. Muhammad Ali Dynamic Mobility…

Valentine Rawat June 28, 2011

5x5 Strength & HIIT

Monday: I start with my body, not as I wish it to be, but simply just as it is. Let the this week begin. Dynamic Warm-up Then: 5×5 Single Arm DB Clean and Press…

Valentine Rawat June 27, 2011

Sunday Motivation

Always in search of inspirational stories and videos and this appeared on FB. This week its a delivery by GSP. One of the most exciting and dedicated warriors in…

Valentine Rawat June 26, 2011

Lower Body Max

Dynamic Mobility Warm Followed by Specific Warm-up: 3×20 Air Squats 3×5 Jump Squat 3×5 Tuck Jump Then: Work up to Heavy Front Squat Then: 5×2/3 Front Squat 85%-90%…

Valentine Rawat June 25, 2011

Restoration and Recovery

The title suggests exactly what it says. Yet so many and I have to include myself into this, spend such little time on our recovery and restoring our bodies. This…

Valentine Rawat June 24, 2011

Dynamic Effort Strength Session and Sprint Training

While you are postponing… Life speeds by. Seneca Mobility Warm-up Then: SMR Upper body 10 minutes Indian Club Then: Dynamic Effort 5×10 KB or DB 16-20kg…

Valentine Rawat June 23, 2011

Wednesday Kettlebell MetCon Session

Choose your weight wisely and pace yourself. Above all work with your breath. Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Kettlebell Warm-up Then: Kettlebell and Bodyweight work 30secs…

Valentine Rawat June 22, 2011

Lower Body Dynamic Effort

You do not create or invent things you actually find and discover them. Joint Mobility Warm-up 2×15 Air Squats 2×10 Jump Squats 2×5 Tuck Jumps Then:…

Valentine Rawat June 21, 2011

Max Strength and Conditioning Workouts

Max Strength Workout Dynamic Warm-up Then: 2×25 Netural Press-ups 2×25 Close Grip Press-ups Then: 5×8 Close Grip Floor Chest Press Then: 2×8…

Valentine Rawat June 20, 2011

Dynamic Effort Workout

SWEAT IS THE LUBRICANT OF SUCCESS Dynamic Warm-up Then: 10×1 Speed/Dynamic Deadlifts with Bands (red or purple) 75% 1rep max 5×2 Snatch Grip Deadlifts…

Valentine Rawat June 17, 2011

Split Session Strength & Conditioning

10 minutes Warm-up with Skipping + Mobility Warm-up Then: Working up to heavy Push Press Then: 6×3 BB Push Press 80% 1rep max (Clean the bar for every set)…

Valentine Rawat June 16, 2011

Cardiovascular and Power Endurance Workout

Morning Workout Dynamic mobility lower body warm-up Then: 6miles off road run (add intervals, hills, running with logs above your head, and if cannot run then Bear…

Valentine Rawat June 15, 2011

Lower Body Strength Training

Dynamic Mobility Warm Followed by Specific Warm-up: 3×20 Air Squats 3×5 Jump Squat 3×5 Tuck Jump Then: Work up to Heavy Back Squat Then: 5×2/3…

Valentine Rawat June 14, 2011

Solo Max Effort + Bodyweight Metcon Session

Solo Max Effort Session: Mobility Warm-up + Light BB Complex Warm-up Then: Working to a Heavy Power Cleans Then: Work to a Heavy Deadlift 10×2 Deadlift Rest…

Valentine Rawat June 13, 2011
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