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Kettlebell Metabolic Conditioning

Kettlebell Metabolic Conditioning

“Don’t ever think you are better than somebody else, but never forget you’re just as good as anybody. No better, but just as good.” Wooden…

Valentine Rawat November 23, 2011
Max Effort Strength Session

Max Effort Strength Session

Mobility Warm-up Then: 2×10 Deadlift @ 50kg 2×5 Deadlift @ 70kg 2×5 Snatch Grip Deadlift @ 70kg Rest 1 minute between each set Then: Deadlift netural…

Valentine Rawat November 22, 2011
Deck of Cards Mayhem

Deck of Cards Mayhem

“I don’t look for “greatness”. I seek greatness. And it is available to each one of us.” Coach Wooden Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then:…

Valentine Rawat November 21, 2011
Strength - Sports Specific

Strength - Sports Specific

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 3×5 DB or KB Single Arm Snatch Rest 2/3 minutes between each set Then: 3×8 DB Bench Press + 3×8 DB Rear Leg Elevated Squat Rest…

Valentine Rawat November 17, 2011
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