Fitness is not just a workout.
Its not a diet.
Its not a fad.
Its not even about the kettlebells, the barbell, the sandbag or the hammer.
Its a lifestyle.
Its every minute – every day.
Its in the blood.
And it started a long time ago, with a single step and it continues, one step at a time.

Todays movement is mostly going to be as follows:
2minutes rounds of continuous movement followed by 1minute rest in between each round:

1st Round:
5x Press-ups
10x Mountain climbers
5x Burps

2nd Round:
10x Lunges (choice of forward, reverse, side)
10x Jump Lunges/Plyo Lunges
10x Jump Squats

3rd Round:
5x Dive Bombers
10x Jack Knife Deadlift
5x 4 Point Burpees

4th Round:
20x Back Extensions
10x Straight Leg Raises
20x Dead Cockroaches

Repeat the all of the above 3 times in total

2x2minutes with 1minute rest between rounds
5x Burps
10x Jump Squats
5x 4 Point Burpees

Cool down and Stretch