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Superset Conditioning Workout

Superset Conditioning Workout

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 8 rounds 30 seconds work per exercise and 30 rest between each round Supersets Pull Ups + KB Swings Ring Dips + Ropes Undulation Then: 6 rounds…

Valentine Rawat December 3, 2011
Kettlebell Explosive Workout

Kettlebell Explosive Workout

This is fast, explosive workout. Move fast but keep your form 100%. Dynamic Warm-up + Kettlebell Warm-up Then: Double handed Kettlebell Swings + Mountain…

Valentine Rawat November 30, 2011
Full Body Dumbbell Workout for Strength

Full Body Dumbbell Workout for Strength

Dynamic Warm-up Then: Dumbbells Complex 666 6 rounds – 6 reps – 6 exercises 1.Dead Lift to High Pulls + 2.Hang Cleans + 3.Front Squat to Push Press +…

Valentine Rawat November 29, 2011
Friday Dynamic Effort + Finisher

Friday Dynamic Effort + Finisher

Upper Body Dynamic Warm-up Then: 5×5 Weighted Pull-ups – 20kg vest 5×5 Close-grip Floor Chest press – 60kg Rest 1-3 minutes between sets (Can be done as a…

Valentine Rawat November 25, 2011
Kettlebell Metabolic Conditioning

Kettlebell Metabolic Conditioning

“Don’t ever think you are better than somebody else, but never forget you’re just as good as anybody. No better, but just as good.” Wooden…

Valentine Rawat November 23, 2011
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