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Sandbag Training for Strength and Power

Sandbag Training for Strength and Power

Dynamic Warm-up Then: Sandbag Workout 5×5 Zercher Clean 5×8 Alt Shouldering (4 each side) 3×8 Sprawl to Clean to Jerks 3×8 Shoulder to Shoulder Press to OVH…

Valentine Rawat January 24, 2012
Dynamic Strength Endurance Circuit

Dynamic Strength Endurance Circuit

Dynamic Warm-ups Then: 60 seconds on Punch Pad Drills/Heavy Punch Bag Work + 6x KB TGU 24kg (3 each side) + 30 seconds of Double KB Clean 24kg+ 20x Alternate KB…

Valentine Rawat January 20, 2012
Javorek's Dumbbell Complex

Javorek's Dumbbell Complex

This workout is directly inspired by Istvan Javorek. Dynamic Warm-up Then: Dumbbell Complex Upright Row + High Pull Snatch + Squat Push Press + Rotational Bent Over…

Valentine Rawat January 17, 2012
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