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Remember WHY You Started

Remember WHY You Started

Every journey starts with enthusiasm and with a premise to never to give up. Sometimes that can wain and when that does you have got to remember WHY you stated the…

Valentine Rawat October 6, 2013
Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine

6 am and your hand can’t make it to the alarm clock before the voices in your head start telling you that it’s too early, too dark and too cold to get out of…

Valentine Rawat September 26, 2013


PLAY is such an important part of our lives. As adults we have forgotten what it is. As a result we tend to formalise it and call it exercise and make it into a…

Valentine Rawat September 9, 2013
Back to Basics

Back to Basics

I hear so much talk about; which is the best branded strength training equipment or I’m missing the hex bar, GHD, or Concept2… And then we have guys…

Valentine Rawat August 15, 2013
Arnold’s 6 Rules to Success

Arnold’s 6 Rules to Success

1. Trust yourself Many young people are getting so much advice from their parents and from their teachers and from everyone. But what is most important is that you…

Valentine Rawat July 20, 2013
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