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Everybody starting off with this guru story right? Football programs, basketball programs, swimming programs, listen to me- Everybody and their mamma are talking…

Valentine Rawat July 10, 2014
Success & Daily Practice

Success & Daily Practice

Long terms success comes from hard training, focus and the will to keep moving forward. Let me tell you something for nothing, none of it is easy and it never will…

Valentine Rawat March 28, 2014
Happy New Year - 2014

Happy New Year - 2014

Happy New Year. May you be as strong as last year and some. May you be faster than speeding bullet. May you be lean and maintain it all year round. It’s all…

Valentine Rawat January 1, 2014
I fucking hate labels

I fucking hate labels

So if I eat fresh organic local produce and cook from scratch then does that equate to Paleo? Damn right, NO it does not cause thats just the way it should be and…

Valentine Rawat November 1, 2013
Remember WHY You Started

Remember WHY You Started

Every journey starts with enthusiasm and with a premise to never to give up. Sometimes that can wain and when that does you have got to remember WHY you stated the…

Valentine Rawat October 6, 2013
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