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Life Wasted

by Jason Ferruggia You’re always saying you’re too weak to be strong.” – Life Wasted by Pearl Jam Another summer weekend just came and went and now here…

Valentine Rawat September 3, 2011

The Body as One Unit

Compound Athletic Exercises VS Conventional Bodybuilding Isolation Work Doing Isolation Work is a Waste of Time: Isolation exercises like leg extensions are a waste…

Valentine Rawat August 7, 2011

Shake it Right

Sunday’s I like my cooked breakfast. You know, eggs, bacon, beans, toast… oh with some strawberry jam. I’ll admit to break some of my own weekdays…

Valentine Rawat June 5, 2011

Rules to Eat By

“Unless you’ve eaten breakfast, don’t ask about nutrition” Coach Dan John I have come across a lot of information on diets and there are…

Valentine Rawat March 20, 2011
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