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Getting Physced Up - Sprint Training

Getting Physced Up - Sprint Training

For those that may lack the inspiration today. It happens to all of us sometimes. Most of the time you have to find that motivation and drive within. But when even…

Valentine Rawat February 21, 2013
Bodyweight Movement

Bodyweight Movement

Fitness is not just a workout. Its not a diet. Its not a fad. Its not even about the kettlebells, the barbell, the sandbag or the hammer. Its a lifestyle. Its every…

Valentine Rawat February 4, 2013
300 Burpees Challenge

300 Burpees Challenge

Hell why not I say. My guys weren’t all too please to hear that. What were they expecting on the last session of the year. It had to be challenging. I personally…

Valentine Rawat December 20, 2012
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