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Kettlebell Metcon

Kettlebell Metcon

Kettlebell Mobility Warm-up Then: Swings + Star Jumps Rest Overhead Squats + Press-ups Rest Single Arm Swings + Sprinting on the Spot Rest Single Arm Push Press…

Valentine Rawat February 15, 2012
Valentine's Day Training Session

Valentine's Day Training Session

Dynamic Mobility Warm-up + SMR Then: 30secs x Press-ups + 15secs x Clap Press-ups + 15secs x Rest + 30secs x Split Squats (Left) + 15secs x Jump Split Squats + 15secs…

Valentine Rawat February 14, 2012
Mayhem Bodyweight

Mayhem Bodyweight

Lets burn it… Dynamic Warm-up Then: Rope Pulls + KB Swings + 6 Point Burpees + Band Rows 45seconds work 15seconds rest 4 rounds Rest for a full 1 minute after…

Valentine Rawat February 13, 2012
Kettlebell Pyramid HIIT

Kettlebell Pyramid HIIT

Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: 30secs Double Handed Swings + 60secs Sumo Squats + 30secs Rest + 45secs Snatch L + 60secs Press-ups + 30secs Rest + 60secs Alt Swings…

Valentine Rawat February 8, 2012
Hotel Room Workout

Hotel Room Workout

Get Lean and Stay Lean While Traveling Warm-up Then: 10x Iranian Twisting Press-up + 10x Dragon Twisting Lunges + 10x Burps + 10x Chair Dips + 5x Door Frame Finger…

Valentine Rawat February 7, 2012
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