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RAW Inferno Training Session

RAW Inferno Training Session

Bodyweight Programme Dynamic Warm-up Then: 40seconds work 20seconds rest 6rounds per exercise rest 1 minute after finishing the 4th round Bottoms-up Press-ups (negatives)…

Valentine Rawat February 6, 2012
Why is it that we crave to be recognized?

Why is it that we crave to be recognized?

“Why is it that we crave to be recognized, to be made much of, to be encouraged. Why is it that we are such snobs? Why is it that we cling to our exclusiveness…

Valentine Rawat February 4, 2012
Power Endurance

Power Endurance

Dynamic Warm-up then: 50x Hindu Press-ups to Burpee Pull-ups Then: 5000m Row trying to maintain between1.50min-2mins/500m Then: 50m Sandbag Zercher Farmer Walk 50m…

Valentine Rawat February 3, 2012
Speed Developing Programme

Speed Developing Programme

Dynamic Warm-up Followed by: 50m Straight-Leg Shuffles + 50m Low Shuffles + 50m High Knees + 50m Butt-Kicks + 50m Skip for Height + 50m High Front Kick Walking Lunges…

Valentine Rawat February 2, 2012
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