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Assistance Strength Work + Sprint Training Session

Assistance Back, Traps, Biceps work Dynamic Mobility Warmup Then: 6×5 Wide Grip Weighted Pull-ups 3×20 One Arm DB Row (10 each side) 3×5 Front Lever…

Valentine Rawat July 7, 2011

You Cannot Quit


Valentine Rawat May 22, 2011

Combat Training

HARD WORK ALWAYS PAYS OFF. Warm-up 10 minutes of Skipping Dynamic Stretching Then: 30 seconds Sit-ups + 30 seconds Press-ups + 30 seconds Deck Squats + 30 seconds…

Valentine Rawat April 15, 2011

Rest Day Fun

Rest day consists of laughing a lot. It really helps relax the muscles and works your abs in a whole different way.

Valentine Rawat March 19, 2011

Tag Team Workout

JOHN WOODEN greatest basketball coach of all time said the following: “I was raised on a small farm in southern Indiana and Dad tried to teach me and my brothers…

Valentine Rawat March 16, 2011
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