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100 Reps Workout

100 Reps Workout

Warm-up with:- 5 minutes Full Body Foam Rolling + 5 minutes Sun Salutation Then: Hindu Push-ups Thrusters Hindu Squats Rollovers to Forward Bend Sit-outs 100 Reps…

Valentine Rawat December 2, 2011
Outdoor Winter Sprint Session

Outdoor Winter Sprint Session

5 minutes Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: 10 minutes Sprint Specific Warm-up Drills Then: 3 sets of each. Distance 60m. 50% of you all out Sprint. Rest 30/60 seconds…

Valentine Rawat December 1, 2011
Bodyweight Conditioning Workout

Bodyweight Conditioning Workout

While you make excuses, I will make my dreams a reality. Dynamic Warm-up Then: Team work A Team: 2minutes Rope Undulation B Team : 5x Press-ups + 5x Burps + 5x Burpees…

Valentine Rawat November 28, 2011
Endurance Training

Endurance Training

Dynamic Warm-up Mobility Warm-up Then: Quad Press + Quad Hops + Bear Crawls + Crab Walk 5 rounds at 30 seconds per exercise with 60 seconds rest between each round…

Valentine Rawat November 24, 2011
Deck of Cards Mayhem

Deck of Cards Mayhem

“I don’t look for “greatness”. I seek greatness. And it is available to each one of us.” Coach Wooden Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then:…

Valentine Rawat November 21, 2011
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