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Ring Strength Work

Ring Strength Work

Upper Body Dynamic Warm-ups Then: 5 sets 5x Rings Pull-ups + 5x Ring Dips Then: 5 sets 5x Ring Flyes (slow and controlled) and hold for count of 5 + 5x Ring Rollouts…

Valentine Rawat November 11, 2011
Thursday Evening is for Speed

Thursday Evening is for Speed

Dynamic Warm-up Followed by: 50m Straight-Leg Shuffles + 50m Low Shuffles + 50m High Knees + 50m Butt-Kicks + 50m Skip for Height + 50m High Front Kick Walking Lunges…

Valentine Rawat November 10, 2011
Kettlebells MetCon 101

Kettlebells MetCon 101

Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: 20x Single KB Double Handed Swings 20x Single KB Single Arm Swings (right then left) 20x Single KB Release and Catch Double Handed…

Valentine Rawat November 9, 2011
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