Women’s Fitness

Women want to lean out their bodies and tone muscles that will keep them looking feminine, tight, and sexy. Here at RAWFIT, we take women’s fitness seriously. But why should it be different from men’s fitness training. Our group classes are a great way to get in shape but if you are looking for a more structured and personalized approach, then our 1 to 1 sessions with our awesome personal trainer are just the thing you need.

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Group Sessions

Want a flat tummy, toned arms & legs, and a nice bum? This is the class for you. Our  class will have you sweating, stretching, and burning fat! The class is as varied and dynamic as can be. You will be lifting kettlebells, pushing your bodyweight, doing agility drills and stretching out, among other things. This is a great class that is held three days a week. Are you ready to make a change? If so join other like minded folks who are getting fit together!

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