My Training this Week

Monday 28th July 2014 Stair sprints 8 rounds 25 mins today including warmup Tuesday 29th July 2014 Deadlift 4×6-8 Then Seated rows 3×12 Supinated lat pull downs 3×12 Endurance chin ups 2×5 Biceps curls 1×7-7-7 21s Biceps curls 1×21 reps Then Hanging bent knee windshield wipers 2×20/30 Hanging knee to elbows 2×20 Wednesday 30th July […]

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Manic Monday’s

Dynamic Warm-up Then: Quad Press + Basic Spinal Rock + Table Top + Plank Push Knee 4 rounds 60 seconds per exercise. 60 seconds rest in between rounds. Then: Quad Hop to Ass to the Grass Squat + Spinal Rock with Forward reach + Springing Tripod + Iranian Twisting Press-ups 4 rounds 60 seconds per […]

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