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Deck of Cards Mayhem

Deck of Cards Mayhem

“I don’t look for “greatness”. I seek greatness. And it is available to each one of us.” Coach Wooden Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then:…

Valentine Rawat November 21, 2011

Bodyweight Strength Circuit Training

Today’s group training session inspired by Indian Wrestling training but generally great all wrestling and grappling based martial arts. This programme also…

Valentine Rawat September 12, 2011

Bodyweight Circuit Training

Be your own gym. No equipment no excuses. This is a sure fire way to get into a shape if you are out of shape. For elite athletes this is nice finisher at the end…

Valentine Rawat February 28, 2011

Group Bodyweight MetCon

The better you get the better you recover. However this will never get easier. Dynamic Warm-up Then: 5 Stations Ball Squats – Shoulder press – Ball Slams…

Valentine Rawat February 14, 2011

Bodyweight Metabolic Conditioning Monday 4th October 2010

Dynamic Warm-up Then: Quad Press Quad Hop to Squats Revolving Table or Table Top Alternating Screwing Press-ups Jumping Lunges 60 seconds per exercise and rest 60…

Valentine Rawat October 4, 2010
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