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High Octane Kettlebell Session - AfterBurn

Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: 3 rounds 60 seconds per exercise, 30 seconds rest Double Handed Swings + 6 point Burpees Then: 3 rounds 60 seconds per exercise, 30…

Valentine Rawat September 21, 2011

Metabolic Conditioning Monday 26-4-2010

Monday 26-4-2010 Metabolic Conditioning – Maximum fat burn Morning Session: Dynamic Warm-up Then: 10x Hill Sprints Then: 10 minute 24kg Kettlebell Snatch Aim…

Valentine Rawat April 26, 2010

Fat burning: how working out in the cold can reduce your fat levels

Fat burning: how working out in the cold can reduce your fat levels Exercising in the cold air can help hot up your fat-burning fires. As the weather gets colder,…

Valentine Rawat November 27, 2009