Best Bodyweight Workout

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SMR + Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: Jump Rope for 3mins 60x Jump Squat 30x Press-ups 60x Crunches 30x Back Extensions Shake yourself loose and the repeat as many times as possible in 20mins Then: 3mins Rest Then:   16x Burps 8x Jackknives 16x Double Groiners 8x Grasshopper Press-ups (4 on each side) Total time 9mins. […]

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Deck of Cards Mayhem

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“I don’t look for “greatness”. I seek greatness. And it is available to each one of us.” Coach Wooden Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: Deck of Cards 20 minutes work Hearts = High Knees Diamonds = Pike Press-ups Clubs = Lunges Spades = Jack Knives Then: Rest 3 minutes Then: 20 minutes work Hearts = 6 […]

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Bodyweight Workout for Strength AND Power

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SMR + Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: Supersets 1: Split Squats + Pike Press-ups/Handstand Press-ups + Rest 4 sets 60seconds per exercise including rest Supersets 2: One Legged Glute Bridges/GHR + Inverted Rows/Ring Rows + Rest 4 sets 60seconds per exercise including rest Supersets 3: Close Grip Press-ups/One Arm Press-ups + Chin-ups/Supinated Rows + Rest 4 […]

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Manic Monday’s

Dynamic Warm-up Then: Quad Press + Basic Spinal Rock + Table Top + Plank Push Knee 4 rounds 60 seconds per exercise. 60 seconds rest in between rounds. Then: Quad Hop to Ass to the Grass Squat + Spinal Rock with Forward reach + Springing Tripod + Iranian Twisting Press-ups 4 rounds 60 seconds per […]

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HIIT METCON Training Monday 13th September 2010

Dynamic Warm-up Then: Press-ups + Plank + Mountain Climbers + Squats + Boot Strappers + Pike Press-ups+ Sprinters Lunges + Dead Cockroach + Rest Complete 3 rounds 1 minute per exercise including rest Then: 10x Burps + 10x Kneeling Jump Squats + 10x Side to Side Burpees (5 each side) 60 seconds rest Complete 3 […]

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Bodyweight Interval Training Monday 6th September 2010

“The Warrior is a dying breed. My Definition of a Warrior is not just one who is face with struggle, but also one who overcomes and conquers his obstacles in pursuit of victory. A Warrior does not cry and moan when things do not go his was. Rather, he goes back to work, trains with […]

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Kettlebell & Body Weight Complex Tuesday 24-8-2010

“If your body impersonates an attitude long enough, then the mind begins to adopt it.” H.A. Dorfman Kettlebell Complex – If you are short of time and training in the wet outdoors this is great workout. Warm-up Then: 10x Hill Sprints Then: 25x Hanging K2E 50x Snatches (25 each arm) 25x Press-ups 50x Swings (25 […]

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