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Indian Clubbells Strength & Mobility Saturday 30th October 2010

Clubbells also know as Indian Clubbells, are a relatively new in the fitness industry. It hasn’t caught on as well as Kettlebells yet. Indian wrestlers have…

Valentine Rawat October 30, 2010

MetCon Workout Friday 3rd September 2010

Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: Indian Clubbell 20x Double Handed Swings + 10x Swings & Squats + 20x Single Arm Armpit Swings + 20x Gamma Cast Left + 20x Gamma…

Valentine Rawat September 4, 2010

Strength Training Monday 12-7-2010

Session 1 – Strength Training Mobility Warm-up Then: 2×20 Bodyweight Squats 2×15 Barbell Jump Squats 5×5 Barbell Squats Then: Single arm Indian…

Valentine Rawat July 12, 2010

Strength Endurance Friday 9-7-2010

Strength Endurance Dynamic Warm-up Then: 5x Burpees + 15 meters Bear Crawls + 50 meters Sprints + Jog back to recover 5 Rounds Then: 30 seconds Press-up + 30 seconds…

Valentine Rawat July 9, 2010