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Think on These Things

Think on These Things

I WONDER IF we have ever asked ourselves what education means. Why do we go to school, why do we learn various subjects, why do we pass examinations and compete…

Valentine Rawat March 4, 2012
Why is it that we crave to be recognized?

Why is it that we crave to be recognized?

“Why is it that we crave to be recognized, to be made much of, to be encouraged. Why is it that we are such snobs? Why is it that we cling to our exclusiveness…

Valentine Rawat February 4, 2012
Transformation Without Motivation

Transformation Without Motivation

How am I to transform? I see the truth – at least, I see something in it – that a change, a transformation, must begin at a level that the mind, as the…

Valentine Rawat January 27, 2012

On Being Open To The UKNOWN

“I think most of us find life very dull. To earn a livelihood we have to do a certain job, and it becomes very monotonous; a routine is set going which we…

Valentine Rawat September 18, 2011

Is it possible to transform Violence

Jiddu Krishnamurti – Is it possible to transform Violence Questioner: Is it possible to transform violence? Jiddu Krishnamurti: Violence is a form of energy;…

Valentine Rawat June 13, 2010
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