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Kettlebell Strength and Power Endurance Workout

Upperbody Dynamic Warm-up Upper Body Warm-up Squats Criss Cross/X Jumping Jacks Seal jumps Jumping Jacks Arm Circling Band Dislocation Internal Rotation Stretch…

Valentine Rawat May 28, 2011

Monday 23-11-09

Monday 23-11-09 Kettlebell Complex and Functional Core Workout Warm-up: Kettlebell Swing Then: 20 x Kettlebell Push-up to L-Hold + 20 x Bastards to KB Clean and…

Valentine Rawat November 23, 2009

Thursday 12-11-09

Thursday 12-11-09 Why Kettlebells? RAWFIT KETTLEBELLS The main difference between Kettlebells and other free weights, i.e., barbells and dumbbells, is that the weight…

Valentine Rawat November 12, 2009

Tuesday WOD 27-10-09

Tuesday Workout of the day 27-10-09 Dynamic warm up Then: 5-5-5 Kettlebell complex (5 prong attack) one arm a 5 exercises 5 reps 5 rounds of: Left Swing + Left Cleans…

Valentine Rawat October 28, 2009

Wednesday WOD 21-1-09

Wednesday WOD 21-1-09 20 miles Bike Ride Then: Band Split Romanian Deadlift Band Bent Over Row Band High Pull Band Hammer Curls Band Squat and Over Head Press KB…

Valentine Rawat October 21, 2009

Tuesday War on Kettlebells 20-10-09

Tuesday War on Kettlebells 20-10-09 Warm up as usual Then: 5 prong attack is 5 Kettlebell exercises 10 reps per arm 5 rounds Left arm – Swing + Cleans + Press…

Valentine Rawat October 21, 2009