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Getting Physced Up - Sprint Training

Getting Physced Up - Sprint Training

For those that may lack the inspiration today. It happens to all of us sometimes. Most of the time you have to find that motivation and drive within. But when even…

Valentine Rawat February 21, 2013
Kettlebell Explosive Workout

Kettlebell Explosive Workout

This is fast, explosive workout. Move fast but keep your form 100%. Dynamic Warm-up + Kettlebell Warm-up Then: Double handed Kettlebell Swings + Mountain…

Valentine Rawat November 30, 2011
Kettlebells MetCon 101

Kettlebells MetCon 101

Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: 20x Single KB Double Handed Swings 20x Single KB Single Arm Swings (right then left) 20x Single KB Release and Catch Double Handed…

Valentine Rawat November 9, 2011

Kettlebell MetCon

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 5x KB Burpees + 5x KB Cleans Left + 5x KB Cleans Right + 5x KB Press Left + 5x KB Press Right + 5x KB Pistols Left + 5x KB Pistols Right +…

Valentine Rawat May 11, 2011

Group MetCon Workout

“Research conducted by Stanford psychology professor, Carol Dweck has shown that most people have one of two types of “MINDSET”: FIXED MINDSET or GROWTH…

Valentine Rawat April 11, 2011

Kettlebell Bodyweight Circuit Workout

“Above all be patient.” Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: 50x Swings + 25x Jumping Jacks + 60 seconds REST + 50x Goblet Squats + 25x Quad Press+ 60 seconds…

Valentine Rawat February 23, 2011

Metabolic Conditioning

Dynamic Warm-up Then: Complete 4 rounds Partner 1 5x KB Single Arm Swings 5x KB Cleans 5x KB Jerks 5x KB Snatch Complete as many sets in time given and complete…

Valentine Rawat February 9, 2011

Kettlebell MetCon Session

Dynamic Warm-up Then: Kettlebell Swings + Crush Press-ups 3 rounds 45 seconds work 15 seconds rest. Rest 1 minute once 3 rounds have been completed. Then: Cleans…

Valentine Rawat November 11, 2010

Kettlebell & Bodyweight METCON Wednesday 6th October 2010

Dynamic Warm-up Then: Complete 4 rounds Partner 1 5x KB Single Arm Swings 5x KB Cleans 5x KB Jerks 5x KB Snatch Complete as many sets in time given and complete…

Valentine Rawat October 6, 2010

Group MetCon Session 29th September 2010

Met Con = Metabolic Conditioning Metabolic Conditioning is – increasing the condition of muscle use by improving the efficiency of the metabolic pathways. Strength…

Valentine Rawat September 30, 2010

Wednesday MetCon Workout 8th September 2010

“What we face may look insurmountable. But I learned something from all those years of training and competing. I learned something from all those sets and…

Valentine Rawat September 8, 2010

Give it a Name Workout Wednesday 1st September 2010

Give it a Name… I am not a marketer. Today’s training session is basically circuit training/metabolic conditioning training/interval training/well whatever…

Valentine Rawat September 1, 2010

Body Weight Metabolic Conditioning Workout Monday 30-8-2010

Bodyweight Metabolic Conditioning Session 1: Dynamic Mobility Warm -up Then: Forward Lunges + Backward Lunges + Lateral Lunges + Pistols + Plank Hold (active rest)…

Valentine Rawat August 31, 2010

Metabolic Conditioning Wednesday 25-8-2010

Kettlebell Metcon Workout Dynamic Warm-up Then: Kettlebell work 10x Single arm Swing Left + 10x Cleans Left + 10x Military Press Left + 10x Overhead Split Squat…

Valentine Rawat August 25, 2010

MetCon Workout Wednesday 18-8-2010

Be open, sensitive, be fully aware of what is from moment to moment. Don’t build around yourself a wall of impregnable thought. The bliss of truth comes when…

Valentine Rawat August 18, 2010

MET CON Workout Monday 2-8-2010

This is Monday. And I want you start your day with a bang. Go to work and do not hide, but instead shine. You really are meant to. Go to your training ground and…

Valentine Rawat August 2, 2010
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