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Dynamic Strength Endurance Circuit

Dynamic Strength Endurance Circuit

Dynamic Warm-ups Then: 60 seconds on Punch Pad Drills/Heavy Punch Bag Work + 6x KB TGU 24kg (3 each side) + 30 seconds of Double KB Clean 24kg+ 20x Alternate KB…

Valentine Rawat January 20, 2012

Kettlebell Metcon

Met Con = Metabolic Conditioning Metabolic Conditioning is – increasing the condition of muscle use by improving the efficiency of the metabolic pathways. Strength…

Valentine Rawat November 2, 2011

More Friday Maelstrom

10 minutes Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Followed: 20 minutes easy skipping (mental preparation for what’s coming) + Every 2 minutes in between skipping 10x Press-ups…

Valentine Rawat June 3, 2011

High-Octane Combat Conditioning

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 20x KB Swings (go heavy) + 20x Quick Steps + 20x Bastard Burpees to Pull-ups + 20x Hammer Work (over head – change hand position half…

Valentine Rawat March 25, 2011

High Intensity Interval Training Friday 8th October 2010

Dynamic Warm-up (5 minutes) Then: 20x Burpees to Pull-up + 20x Ball Slams to Burpees + 20x Ball Chest Throw against Wall to Burpees + 3 rounds in total Then: Rope…

Valentine Rawat October 11, 2010

Body Weight MetCon Workout Monday 27th September 2010

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 5mins Round 5x Press-ups 5x Burpees 5x Squats 5x Sit-ups Work continuously until the time is up. Once 5 minutes are up move on to active rest…

Valentine Rawat September 27, 2010

MMA Conditioning Wednesday 22nd September 2010

Dynamic Warm-up Then: Rope Undulation (seated or horse stance) + Rest 30 seconds + Medicine Ball Slam + Rest 30 seconds + Kneeling Punching on Heavy Punch bag +…

Valentine Rawat September 22, 2010

Heart and Lung Training Friday 17th September 2010

I love the High Intensity Interval Training. Its never boring and you are constantly moving in an explosive manner. “Creativity and Simplicity is the key”,…

Valentine Rawat September 18, 2010

MetCon Workout Friday 3rd September 2010

Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: Indian Clubbell 20x Double Handed Swings + 10x Swings & Squats + 20x Single Arm Armpit Swings + 20x Gamma Cast Left + 20x Gamma…

Valentine Rawat September 4, 2010

Extreme Cardio Conditioning - Combat Athletes Friday 13-8-2010

“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” Brian Tracy Dynamic…

Valentine Rawat August 13, 2010

Friday MetCon Session 6-8-2010

Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: 5x 10 10kg Vest Burpees to Pull-ups Rest 1 minutes between each set Then: 20x Tyre Flipping + 30x Hammer Slams + 60 seconds x Rope…

Valentine Rawat August 6, 2010

Combat Athlete Cardio Friday 25-6-2010

Combat Athlete Cardio – Heart & Lung Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: 10x Hill/Steps Sprints Then: 3×10 = 1x Press-up + 1x Burpees + 1x Jumping Lunges…

Valentine Rawat June 26, 2010

MMA Conditioning Thursday 27-5-2010

Improvise – Adapt – Overcome MMA Conditioning Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: 1 min x KB Swing + 10x Overhead Squat – Left arm + 10x Over head Squat…

Valentine Rawat May 27, 2010

Conditioning is King Monday 24-5-2010

Conditioning is King Dynamic Warm-up Then: 3 minutes of Skipping + 30 seconds of Press-ups + 30 seconds of Up Downs Plank + 30 seconds of Mountain Climber + 30 seconds…

Valentine Rawat May 25, 2010
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