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Herculean Strength

Herculean Strength

“It is not about daily increase, but daily decrease. Hack away unessentials.”—Bruce Lee.

Valentine Rawat August 17, 2017
When do you stop training?

When do you stop training?

I turned in 40 in late 2016. By I, I mean Val, not the dude in this video above. The very cool dude above is Jean Titus. You can find him on instragram @titusunlimited…

Valentine Rawat August 6, 2017
Dan John: The Five Pillars Of Successful Training

Dan John: The Five Pillars Of Successful Training

I always joke that the coach who trains himself has an idiot for a client. I was self-coached for years before I fired myself for far better people. As I saw my…

Valentine Rawat November 24, 2014


“A man does not prove himself an all-round strong man just because he is able to lift a heavy weight, especially when the weight is lifted once only. Genuine strength…

Valentine Rawat February 9, 2013
Barbell Strength Work

Barbell Strength Work

Dynamic Warm-up Then: Work up to Deadlift 2RM Then: Finisher – 2000m Row for Time Then: Cool down It does not have to complicated to be effective. Simple does…

Valentine Rawat January 5, 2012
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