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Strength - GPP

Strength - GPP

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 2×8 BB Bench Close Grip 3×8 BB Bench Neutral Grip Rest 90seconds between sets Then: 4×8 Weighted Chin-ups + 2×8 DB One…

Valentine Rawat January 3, 2012

Upper Body Max Effort and Group Bodyweight Circuit

Upper Body Max Effort Upper Body Dynamic Warm-up Then: 5×5 Weighted chin-ups – 20kg vest 5×5 Close-grip bench press – 60kg Rest 1-3 minutes…

Valentine Rawat July 4, 2011

Upper Body Strength & Sprint Session

“The more I talk to athletes, the more convinced I become that the method of training is relatively unimportant. There are many ways to the top, and the training…

Valentine Rawat June 30, 2011

Complex Training Thursday 26-8-2010

“Somewhere along the line people have been fooled into believing that life is supposed to be easy. I often work 12+ hour days, and there are weeks when I work…

Valentine Rawat August 26, 2010
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