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Beyond Violence

“We have built a society which is violent and we, as human beings, are violent; the environment., the culture in which we live, is the product of our endeavour of out struggle, or our pain, or out appalling brutalities. So the most important question is: Is it possible to end this tremendous violence in oneself?

We are violent. Throughout existence, human beings have been violent and are violent. I want to find out, as human being. how to transcend this violence, how to go beyond it. What am I to do? I see what violence has done in the world how it has destroyed every form of relationship how it has brought deep agony in oneself, misery – I see all that. And I say to myself, I want to live a really peaceful life in which there is deep abundance of love – all the violence must go. Now what have I to do?”

Beyond Violence J Krishnamurti

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Valentine Rawat
Personal Trainer · S&C Coach · Official Trainer to Sky1 Obese A Year to Save My Life & SkyLiving FAT: The Fight of My Life I'm a father and a husband, and my girls are my inspiration to be better, do better & continually help others achieve better of themselves.

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