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What’s the one best exercise to lose weight?
What exercises should I do if I don’t have access to a gym?
What’s the best exercise for an athlete?
What’s the best total-body bodyweight exercise?
How can I improve my explosiveness and cardio?

There is only one answer to this question. Yes you guess right Burpees

Conversation about burpees:
Client: How many Burpees?
Coach: Shit load of fucking Burpees.
Client: Are you kidding me?
Coach: No. Lets go.

Dynamic Mobility Warm-up
10x Press-ups
10x 8 Point Burpees (aka Bastard Burpees – there are many versions of this and ours is with full press-ups with a tuck jump)
10x Squats
10x 6 Point Burpees (aka Fuck No Burpees – press-up and small jump, but no tuck jumps)
10x Pike Press-ups
10x 4 Point Burpees (aka What again Burpees – no press-ups or any any kind of jumps)
10x Lunges
10x Burps
10x Plank Up-Downs
4/5 rounds rest 2 minutes between each circuit
Finisher 1:
5x Clap Press-ups
10x Jumping Lunges
60x Press-ups Planks
2 rounds no rest
Rest 2 minutes
Followed by Finisher 2:
Bootstrappers +
Burps +
Burpees (what again) +
High Knees
30seconds per exercise. 2 minutes rest between rounds. Complete 2 rounds in total.
Cool down and Stretch
Do not be lazy and do the stretches. Yeah yeah I have read the research about stretching has no benefits, but the research is research and there needs to be more research to prove otherwise. If nothing it feels me great with happiness, otherwise known as endorphins.

Leave your comments below if you have something negative to say then I suggest you do the workout and then if you still have the energy then by all means leave your negative comments. I welcome it. Its like fuel to the flame.

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