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Dartanyon and Leroy – Wrestlers Successful Struggle

Life is a struggle. Better get used to it. But if you choose to ignore that then you are going to spend your life very unhappy. But do whatever you can to make life a little easier. Learn along the way. You meet people alongWrestling, Struggle, Life, Making the best, then way who help you or try to hurt you, but from both you learn a lot. Some you befriend and would do anything for. However do not wait for someone to hand anything to you. Not even god. God only helps those who help themselves. If you have got it tougher than those around you do not cry about it, go out and make the best of you what you can with what you have. Remember what I said earlier, “life is a struggle”.

I came across the video recently that resonates with what I have been thinking about for a while. I myself haven’t had the struggles like Leroy and Dartanyon but have had to deal with some of my own adversities that life throws at your and I could either have let those circumstance beat me down or  as I have learnt from those experiences to shape me into the man I am today.  If anything this video about two amazing individuals serves as a very vivid reminder to make the best of everything you have and push for excellence in all areas despite your circumstances.

My words can never really do their story justice, so just take some time out from your daily schedule and watch this video.

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Valentine Rawat
Personal Trainer · S&C Coach · Official Trainer to Sky1 Obese A Year to Save My Life & SkyLiving FAT: The Fight of My Life I'm a father and a husband, and my girls are my inspiration to be better, do better & continually help others achieve better of themselves.

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