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Deck of Cards

Lets get imaginative.
Separate all faced cards i.e., Jacks, Queen, King, Ace and Joker.
Jacks = Any Kettlebell exercise, Swing, Cleans, Clean & Press, Jerks, Rack Squats
Queen = Pull-ups
King = Hammer work – Slam on Tyre
Ace = Press-ups
Joker = To everyones favourites – BURPEES – cause they are no jokes
Numbered cards represent reps
Now you have 2 decks. Ones with all the faced cards and the other with numbered cards. This is a great training session when you are working in pairs or a small group. One person picks the exercises and the other the numbered cards.
Now set a time you want to train for and there is no rest till the end. We set it for 45 minutes.

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