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Over the last few months I have had the pleasure of getting up at 3.30/4am every weekday then to travel to a client for an hour and train her for 2 hours each day and back home by 9am. I know some of you might be thinking, you two mad, training at such an hour. I do not begrudge waking up and nor does my client as she is seeing results. For me it is a beautiful hour drive through the North Yorkshire country side and all the while I catch up with some books. Audio book that is. You shouldn’t read and drive at the same time at that time as most drivers on the road so early in the morning are generally half asleep and one has keep one’s wit about one. How many ‘one’ in one sentence. And again… Where was I now. Right back to the what I was talking about.

So I get to my destination which is a RAF base and the gym is in an aircraft hanger. You can image the size? Right. So let me tell you what is in this Sports Gymnasium: full size Basketball court, five a side football pitch, volleyball court, five or so badminton court, climbing wall, boxing ring along with 10 or so punch bags (various sizes), old school wooden beams along one side of the wall (you the ones that we used to have in schools, well in my time. Now a days it’s probably playstation. Lets close this to continue with what I was saying), two olympic lifting platforms, Hammer Powerlifting Rack, full set of plates (some Elieko), dumbells (all the way to 50odd kg), kettlebells (not RAWFIT ones, but hey as long as they have some I am happy), Beaverfit Rig, various tractor tyres,  countless spin bikes, rowers and other fitness machines…  And guess how many people are using this majority of the time… yes you’ve guessed it myself and my client, thats it 99% of the time. Please bare with me as this a very long intro to what I want the point of this article and the title. Oh I forgot there are two crows or ravens that sometimes fly about and keep us company. And yet with such a fantastic facility, it remains largely unused.

Along with this there are few TV dotted about and a great sound system. So at this time of the morning on TV there are plenty of info-fucking-mercials. And it is repeated again and again and again. Its either cleaning products or… “6-minutes fucking Abs” or “Diet without dieting and loose weight” or “Insanity”. Phew I finally got to it.

Is he practicing how to wank?

I question myself, who on the right mind buys these products like these products that give you the impression that you can achieve then beach body that so want 6 weeks before their summer holiday… Well actually if they did it right they just might provided they started with some raw ingredients such as, having already put the ground work for that last year or so and now it is finally putting in the finishing touches of getting beach ready. A lot of bodybuilders and fighters do this but they have also committed to a year long and often life long journey.

“6 weeks abs”. Get big in 4 weeks. Almost every cover of so called health and fitness magazine along with ads on their back pages claim that it can all be achieved in less time and with least amount of effort.
Strength and conditioning Coach, Leeds Personal Trainer, Fat Burn Workout
It is a fucking insult to all those that have worked there arses off over so many years, some over few decades and continue to do so for the rest of their lives. So you want a strong body, then go get it, but why do you want it is such a rush and without effort. Why do some folks fall for the quick fixes when deep down they know it just wont work. These quick fixes are sold both to men and to women. Advertising has us buying into all the bullshit that we don’t need. For those of you who are reading thisI hope and I’m pretty sure that you know the way of to attaining your goals is not in the quick fix, its in the art of suffering through each of your training sessions. The 6 pack abs will be the byproduct of all the hard work and a fucking strong body, unshakable mind, and sprit of a great warrior.

You are pure potential. Do not fall fall for gimmicks and quick fixes. I have repeated this time and time again in all that I say here on facebook or to peoples faces, there is no getting away from hard work and commitment on each individuals part. It a fine balance of rest, nutrition, physical training, its just that simple. And I fear because I simplify training in the manner that I do it may get dismissed. Fuck it what do I care if you don’t hear me out. Those who do get results. And thats that.

So here is a my answer to hard work and total commitment to attaining life long healthy, strong physique.

Friday Fun Training Session
Standard Dynamic Mobility Warm-up
4 rounds of
12x Sandbag Shouldering +
12x Sandbag Zercher Squats +
12x Face Pull using suspended straps +
12x Chain Press-ups +
60secs Rope Undulations
1/2minutes rest and then repeat
Cool down
Video below is at the end of the last round. There some of the techniques was slightly impaired.

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Valentine Rawat
Personal Trainer · S&C Coach · Official Trainer to Sky1 Obese A Year to Save My Life & SkyLiving FAT: The Fight of My Life I'm a father and a husband, and my girls are my inspiration to be better, do better & continually help others achieve better of themselves.

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