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Getting Stronger – Strength Coach Andy Bolton

I was excited about today. 9am training with Strength Coach Andy Bolton at Ralls Gym in Leeds. This is a stones through from my own training ground. It was an intense place, spit and saw dust type if you know what I mean (although I must say it was very clean inside all things considering). I got to the gym early which is situated in an amongst two boxing gyms, a bodybuilders gym, and next door to a motor garage, and very near Leeds City Centre. Its a haven for serious training.

Andy Bolton is one of worlds strongest men . And you are meeting one the worlds strongest men you have give out the right impression and I was nervous to say the least. Moving on, we walked to the his area within the gym where I was was met with the Squat Rack that I had never come across before in person. This was pro-grade stuff that I have only seen on youtube.

We got started with Squats. So here I am a coach myself who generally looks at others techniques with scrutiny now being subjected to that very same thing by no less that Andy Bolton himself. But I was comfortable with that as I knew I could only leave a better technical Squatter. So I went under the bar the racks pulled away, and down I went and up I came. “Its not bad” I heard Andy say. Phew… “But you could do the following…” And so it began. I became the sponge gathering all that I could learn from the master. Following that we went on to Deadlifts, Bench, Grip Strength and finishing off with Core training (yes core training – Planks and Crunches no less). I bet some strength guys are probably saying, ‘ooohhh… trunk flexion… no no no’. Whatever!!! There is so much to put into practice. All the little stuff really that makes the big picture, “GETTING STRONGER”.

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