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Met Con = Metabolic Conditioning
Metabolic Conditioning is – increasing the condition of muscle use by improving the efficiency of the metabolic pathways. Strength training performed at high level of intensity with short rest intervals between exercises, the cardiovascular and metabolic conditioning benefits equally if not exceeds what can be achieved with more traditional “cardio” activities. This creates excess post-exercise oxygen consumption otherwise know as EPOC, which has greater response as a result to this training protocol, to better utilise fat stores which is broken down and free fatty acids (FFA) are released into the blood. In plain english that means you burn more fat after these types of workout and even while you rest so therefore getting lean and optimising your athletic performance.

Dynamic Mobility Warm-up
3 rounds 60 seconds per exercise, 30 seconds rest
Double Handed Swings +
6 point Burpees
3 rounds 60 seconds per exercise, 30 seconds rest
Alt Arm Swing +
Sprinter Lunge
4 rounds 60 seconds per exercise, 30 seconds rest
Snatch +
Side Star Planks
4 rounds 60 seconds, 30 seconds rest
Clean & Press +
Dying Cockroach – Supine position (on back) hands locked behind your head, shoulders off the ground and alternate opposite elbows to knees touch.
Cool down and Stretch

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Personal Trainer · S&C Coach · Official Trainer to Sky1 Obese A Year to Save My Life & SkyLiving FAT: The Fight of My Life I'm a father and a husband, and my girls are my inspiration to be better, do better & continually help others achieve better of themselves.

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