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Tabata Protocol inspired workout. 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest total of 16 rounds per supersets.

Dynamic Warm-up
Then supersets 1:
1 1/2 Air Squats +
Jumping Jacks
Then supersets 2:
1 1/5 Press-ups +
Mountain Climbers
Then supersets 3:
V Sit-ups +
Table Tops
Then supersets 4:
Reverse Lunges +
Then supersets 5:
Pike Presses +
Then supersets 6:
Dead Cockroaches +
Dive Bombers/Hindu Push-ups
Cool down and Stretch.

Pick yourself up of the floor and go home if doing this at home crawl to the kitchen and eat some high GI food along with protein within 20 minutes to help aid recovery.

And my compliments to you for completing this workout.

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For us it was out own body.

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