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Indian Clubbells Strength & Mobility Saturday 30th October 2010

The "Great" Gama

Clubbells also know as Indian Clubbells, are a relatively new in the fitness industry. It hasn’t caught on as well as Kettlebells yet. Indian wrestlers have trained with them for centuries. Although it is not exclusive to India alone, the Greeks and the Persians have been documented to have used them to develop great strength. It was introduced to the west during the British Raj. I was very popular during the 19th century and even obtained Olympic status only to be dropped from the games in the 1930.

However with the help of great trainers like Steve Maxwell, Scott Sonnon but to name a new are introducing it back once again. The Clubbell training is a great tool to compliment those already using Kettlebells and are into Strongman style underground training. It is of great benefit to all sports with is graceful circular movements of clubbell exercises develop agility, coordination, strength thorough extreme ranges of motion, and dynamic flexibility. The heavier clubbells are also one of the best grip-developing tools one can find.

I myself am just learning and experimenting with Indian Clubbells. With a lot of heavy overhead lifting using both kettlebells and barbells alike the shoulders have become somewhat tight. With more clubbell circular training I believe that they, may hold the answer to restoring mobility, while not impairing strength, to ailing shoulder joints.

Below are some basic training techniques performed by great British Strength and Conditioning Coach Cj Swaby of CJS Fitness London
Part 1

Part 2

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