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***”One interesting attribute that individuals such as Pablo Picasso, Rudolf Nureyev and Mahatma Gandhi exhibit is entelechy. Entelechy comes from a Greek word meaning ‘having a goal.’ Psychologist Deirdre Lovecky writes: ”
Entelechy is a particular type of motivation, need for self-determination, and an inner strength and vital force directing life and growth to become all one is capable of being. Gifted people with entelechy are often attractive to others who feel drawn to their openness and to their dreams and visions. Being near someone with this trait gives others hope and determination to achieve their own self-actualization.”

Dynamic Warm-up
Swing +
Cleans +
Jerks +
OVH Squats +
Snatch +
(Complete the above both left and right arm)
1st round – 60 seconds Burpees
2nd round -60 seconds Mountain Climbers
3rd round – 60 seconds Burps
4th round – 60 seconds Sprinters Lunge
5th round – 60 seconds Jumping squats
Single arm Kettlebell Complex. Complete all exercises with one arm first then moving onto the next. Once both sides completed then move onto the bodyweight exercise. Each round is different bodyweight conditioning drill.
5 rounds in total
6x Reverse TGU (3 each side)
20x KB Get-ups
20x Russian Twists
20x KB Sit-ups ( Movement: Legs straight with shins squeezing your partners leg/kettlebell. Starting from a sitting position, slowly lower yourself in a circular movement to your right side squeezing your right glutes lowering yourself until shoulders hovering a few inches of the floor, and continue circling round to the left side. Transfer the weight to the left side, engage by squeezing your left glutes and return to the sitting position in a circular fashion. Alternate sides)
50x Dead Cockroches
2 minutes Plank
Cool down and Stretch out

*** Excerpt taken form an article by Eddie Edmunds from Fusion Academy of Martial Arts in Salt Lake City Utah

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