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Solo Kettlebell Metabolic Conditioning:
Dynamic Warm-up
Kettlebell work
10x Single arm Swing Left +
10x Cleans Left +
10x Military Press Left +
10x Overhead Split Squat Left +
10x Single arm Swing Right +
10x Cleans Right +
10x Military Press Right +
10x Overhead Split Squat Right
3 Sets Rest 30 seconds
2x25m KB Bear Crawl
Rest 60 second between sets
20x Renegade Rows (10 each side) +
10x Press-ups
10x Burpees
3 sets 30 seconds rest
1 rep every 30 seconds for 15 minutes of the following
Renegade Row + Press-up + Burpees + Double KB Swings + Double KB Cleans + Double KB Military Press + Double Rack Squat
20x Get-ups (10 each side) +
20x Russian Twists +
60 seconds S holds +
20x Jack knives
20x Alternate Jack knives (knees to chest, then wide out)
60 seconds Leg hold (few inches off the floor)
Cool down
Kettlebell Class Leeds, Kettlebell Instructor Leeds, Personal Trainer Leeds

Group Kettlebell Metabolic Conditioning Class Leeds
Dynamic Warm-up
Kettlebell work
Single arm Swing Left +
Cleans Left +
Military Press Left +
Overhead Split Squat Left +
Single arm Swing Right +
Cleans Right +
Military Press Right +
Overhead Split Squat Right
60 seconds per exercise. 90 seconds Rest between rounds. Complete 3 rounds.
60seconds Kettlebell Bent Over Rows Left +
60seconds Kettlebell Bent Over Rows Right +
30seconds Kettlebell Crush Press-ups +
30seconds Kettlebell Burpees +
60seconds Russian Twists
3 sets 60 seconds rest
Cool down

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