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When you need to improvise.

Mobility Warm-up
2×10 Deadlift @ 50kg
2×5 Deadlift @ 70kg
2×5 Snatch Grip Deadlift @ 70kg
Rest 1 minute between each set
Deadlift netural grip
3×3 @ 120kg
5×2 @ 130kg
4×1 @ 150kg
Rest periods 2/3 minutes between each set
Front Squat @ 50kg +
Ring Dip
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of each
Rest period minimal
Cool down and Stretch + SMR

God Speed

Deadlift technique tip # 1: Don’t Pull – Push

A lot of trainees think that the deadlift is a pull exercise, when in reality it’s a push. The prime movers in the deadlift are the hip muscles. You engage and activate the hip muscles by driving your feet through the floor. When the bar hits knee level, push your hips forward and finish by squeezing your glutes hard at the top.

Deadlift technique tip # 2: Don’t Squat the weight

One of the most common errors I see trainees do with their Deadlift technique is squatting the weight. Deadlifts are NOT Squats! By squatting the weight you are not in the best position to lift big weights. Raise your hips and push them back so they end up between your knees and your shoulders when looking from the side. In this position your shoulder-blades end up over the bar. Try to keep your shins as vertical as possible. This position will really stretch the hamstring and allowing you to use your hips to drive the weight.

Deadlift technique tip # 3: Use Your Legs

This deadlift technique tip is just the opposite of the previous. Many lifters start the deadlift with their hips to high and turn it in to a pull. In this position you cannot push your legs through the floor and wont activate the hip muscles to its fullest. Lower your hips to the favorable angle described above and you will see an immediate increase in the weights you are able to deadlift.

Deadlift technique tip # 4 (bonus): Keep the bar close to your body

This bonus tip on deadlift technique I got from Andy Bolton. Andy is one of the strongest men on the planet. Just look at his achievements: world Squat record of 1214lb, British Bench Press record of 754lb, world Deadlift record of 1008lb, the first man to Deadlift over 1000lb, and one of the only 6 men to Squat over 1200lb.

One of the biggest mistakes that beginner and intermediate lifters make with their Deadlift technique is letting the bar get too far in front of them as they pull.

When this happens the lower back and Hamstrings are made to work overtime and whilst you can get away with it with lighter weights… when you approach your max you will probably fail – or not lift as much as you could.

The correct way to pull is to keep the bar close to you at all times.

This is the easiest path and the one that allows you to lift the most weight. Think of “pulling back” as soon as you break the bar from the floor and you will soon be pulling like a pro with the bar nice and close to your body.

If you ever wondered why great Deadlifters have scars on their shins… now you know. And if you don’t want the scars, just be sure to wear long socks when you Deadlift. Problem solved.

I highly recommend that you check out Andy Boltons program “Explode Your Squat, Bench and Deadlift” if you want to get your deadlift technique perfect. Regardless of your current strength levels… If You Want To Get Stronger And Minimise Your Injury-Risk, This Could Be The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Read…

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