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So I have decided to grow a mustache for Movember. If you are not familiar with Movember then its what is responsible for sudden growth spurt of hair under your nose and above your lips for a whole 30 days. For some it may carry on for life. That being the fun side, but more serious side of it is to raise awareness for men’s health and more specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer. 14 days on and I looking like a right idiot unlike the The Great Gama or Eugene Sandow who could sport it really well along with their great strength.

So to promote men’s health as such I have dedicated 30 minutes or so of training daily which will consist mainly of Bodyweight Calisthenics, Kettlebell Complexes, and Dumbell Complexes with some Barbell & Sandbag Complexes thrown in. The idea is simple workouts that can be carried out daily. There will be some days in the week that will be purely dedicated to long walks and mobility drills for general. Okay so this is focusing on Fitness rather than Health per se, but it is better than going out and getting pissed on various Movember parties. We’ll leave that till the end of the month.

So here are some of the examples of the workouts carried out by myself and my personal training clients in Leeds so far:

Dumbbell Complex 1:
Overhand Grip/Pronated Row x8
Suitcase Cleans x8
Front Squats x8
Strict Overhead Press/Push Press x8
Underhand Grip/Supinated Row x8
Stiff Legged Deadlift/Goodmornings x8
Rest 1/2 minutes then repeat for desired sets or time

Dumbbell Complex 2:
Single Arm Work
Hang Snatches
Overhead Squats
Single Legged Deadlift
Suitcase Deadlift
8 sets x 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Reps
Rest adequately

Dumbell Complex 3:
Upright Rows x6
Snatch x6
Military Press x6
Push Press x6
Renegade Rows x6
Hindu Press-ups to Burpees x60seconds
Rest 1/2 minutes then repeat for desired sets or time

Kettlebell Complex 1:
Halo (alt)
Around the Worlds
Figure 8s right to left
Figure 8s left to right
Around the Worlds with Uppercuts (alt)
Hot Potatos
Hook Swings
Towel Swings (around the head)
Crescent Swings
45seconds work 15seconds rest. 2 round in total.

Kettlebell Complex 2:
Left Arm only
Swings x5
Cleans x5
Overhead Press/Jerks x5
Overhead Squats/Rack Squats x5
Snatch x5
Right Arm only
Swings x5
Cleans x5
Overhead Press/Jerks x5
Overhead Squats/Rack Squats x5
Snatch x5
5 sets in total or desired time. Rest adequately.

Kettlebell & Bodyweight Metcon 1:
10x Renegade Rows
5x Press-ups
5x Groiners
5x Jump Squats
5x Double Kettlebell Swings
5x Double Kettlebell Cleans
5x Rack Squats
5x Overhead Press
Rest 1/2 minutes then repeat for desired time.

Bodyweight Complex 1:
Chin-ups – 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
Dips – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
30x Hanging Leg Raises
30x Hanging Windshield Wipers

Bodyweight Complex 2:
Pull-up x5
Press-up x10
Pistols x10
8 Point Burpees x5
20 minutes round

Bodweight Sprint Complex:
Agility & Mobility Drills
5x 60/100m @60%
5x 60/100m @70%
3x 60/100m @80%
2x 60/100m @100%
Rest 30/60seconds rest between each sprint

So do promote this to your friends and please donate any small amount or simply generate awareness and pass this onto your friends.

So remember, its about persistence, not perfection that leads to your success. Make fitness part of your life and health will soon follow.


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ps. So if you have noticed that I have started each paragraph with SO, then well done. Now get on with the work and grow MAN UP and grow your tasche if not donate.

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