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Overcoming Resistance to Change

People are always resisting something in life. Resistance to change is the most prevalent and one of the reasons why there is lack of personal growth and personal change.

Almost everyone wants more money, better health and improved relationships. They are aware of the areas that need changes. But the majority of these people are reluctant to move out of their comfort zones. They procrastinate and never get started.

The reasons for avoiding and resisting change vary for each person. But one of the major reasons is because of the fear of change. They have doubts, fear of the unknown, fear of failure and of success. They resist because they can’t see themselves coping or dealing with change.

Being complacent and the unwillingness to move out of the comfort zone is another reason. Being indifferent is also another factor.

If you have the avoidance attitude or behavior, are always fighting back and refusing to make changes or accepting something new or different, you may have to reexamine your life, your goals and especially your thoughts.

“Resistance is a basic part of the fear of changing.” – Wayne Dyer

Dealing with Resistance

Think right

You resist because you think of transformation as a lot of work. You are unwilling because you think that it is risky. Countless negative thoughts occupy your mind. You are afraid that others will not support you. You fear of what you will become.

It may sound simplistic but the thing you need to do is change those thoughts and start imagining a different story. Since you are visualizing most of the time, why not make use of your mental faculty to see yourself with a new image, habit or skill. When you keep your focus consistently on what you wish to become, your emotions will take the cue. Your body will take the orders. You no longer have the urge to oppose and fight because you are seeing the end result.

Do you really want what you want?

You must have passion for wanting something better in your life. You must really want what you want. You should have your own personal reasons and give yourself a deadline for each goal.

You will overcome all kinds of obstacles and fears if you want something badly enough. Strong desires will push you to do things. You will feel driven to find out where to find the strategies. Once you get yourself to follow your desires and plans with action, your feelings will follow. Keep yourself inspired by thinking about your goals. Make a commitment to yourself and decide that you will not leave your goal until it materialises.

Reassess your attitude

When you think of going to the gym but you put it off, take note of what you were thinking and feeling. And ask yourself why you did not give yourself a chance to consider a suggestion that someone offered you? Go inside your head. Ask yourself questions and write down your thoughts. Take a look at your attitude about implementing change and find the reasons why you have been opposing.

Observe your reactions to people and situations. Ponder upon those things that you escaped from doing, seeing or saying. Which attitude, emotion or behavior should you have avoided or which one should you repeat in future?

Give new instructions to your brain

There are several ways to give new messages and instructions to your brain. Using creative imagination and visualization together with positive affirmations is a powerful tool to effect changes. Suggesting new messages using audio or visual subliminal tool is another way to fight the resistance.

Imagine what would happen if you allow your present habits, lifestyle and state of mind to remain the same. Think of the suffering that you will have to endure. What if you fight them and take charge? Now, imagine the pleasure.

Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life

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